Little Red Riding Hood, In Space!

Little Red Riding Hood, In Space!
A Sci-Fi Little Red Riding Hood, created by Marcel Gagné, using Stable Diffusion

I should start by pointing out that what follows is inspired by a video I watched with Elizabeth Ann West. She was demonstrating some advances with an AI tool called Sudowrite, an amazing tool for writers. In the demonstration, she asked the audience for story ideas and one of them was for a sci-fi Little Red Riding Hood. For fun, I decided to throw this at GPT-4 via ChatGPT Plus. Here's the result, including the prompts.

Me: Write a synopsis for a sci-fi version of little red riding hood on a distant planet, with a handsome star hopping wolf who is space explorer. This is written in the style of Lewis Carroll but for a modern audience. The grandmother contacts Little Red Riding hood about a problem with her neurolink.

ChatGPT: Title: Little Red Riding Hood: A Galactic Odyssey

In a distant galaxy, on the faraway planet of Fableara, lives a young girl named Astral Red, known to all as Little Red Riding Hood. Her world is a lush and vibrant place, where peculiar flora and fauna intermingle under the glow of the swirling nebulae above. Just like the beloved Earth tale, Astral Red must journey through the enigmatic woods to her grandmother's quaint dwelling, nestled within the heart of an ancient crater.

One day, Astral Red receives a cryptic message from her grandmother, urging her to come swiftly. Her neurolink, the telepathic device used for communication and knowledge sharing, has gone awry, leaving her in a state of confusion and disarray. With her trusty basket filled with rare fruits and healing potions, Astral Red embarks on her treacherous journey, guided by the whispers of the cosmic winds.

As she ventures deeper into the bewildering woods, she encounters the dashing and enigmatic Star Wolf, a notorious space explorer with a penchant for leaping between the constellations. Wearing a gleaming suit that mirrors the night sky, Star Wolf is an expert in the secrets of the universe, unlocking the mysteries of time and space with a sly grin.

Drawing inspiration from the whimsical style of Lewis Carroll, the story weaves a fantastical tale that captures the imagination of modern readers. The Star Wolf, captivated by Astral Red's purity and courage, becomes both her guide and protector, navigating her through the labyrinthine dangers that lurk within the woods.

As they journey together, Astral Red discovers that the Star Wolf is not all he seems. Beneath his roguish charm lies a secret: he too has been affected by the same neurolink anomaly plaguing her grandmother. Together, they must unravel the enigma and restore balance to their world, while navigating a blossoming connection that transcends the boundaries of the cosmos.

Little Red Riding Hood: A Galactic Odyssey is a thrilling adventure filled with celestial intrigue, otherworldly landscapes, and unforgettable characters. This reimagining of the classic tale invites readers to embark on a journey through the stars, where the boundaries of fantasy and reality blur, and the wonders of the universe come to life in vivid, dream-like splendor.

Me: Excellent. Now, create a cast of characters, along with descriptions.

ChatGPT: Cast of Characters

  1. Astral Red (Little Red Riding Hood): A spirited and inquisitive young girl, Astral Red is adorned with a striking red hooded cloak, made from the shimmering fibers of the Crimson Nebula. Her eyes sparkle with the curiosity of a thousand stars, and her wit and intelligence are as sharp as a meteorite's edge. Courageous and compassionate, she embarks on her journey with determination and a strong sense of duty.
  2. Star Wolf: An enigmatic and handsome space explorer with a roguish charm, Star Wolf is a master of the cosmos. His gleaming suit, reflecting the constellations, conceals a mysterious past. Beneath his suave exterior lies a heart of gold, as well as a secret burden: he too is afflicted by the neurolink anomaly. As he guides Astral Red through the woods, he becomes her loyal companion and protector.
  3. Grandmother Celestia: Astral Red's wise and loving grandmother, Grandmother Celestia is a renowned healer and astrologer. Her home, nestled within an ancient crater, is a sanctuary filled with cosmic artifacts and rare celestial blooms. With her neurolink malfunctioning, she finds herself lost and disoriented, relying on her granddaughter and Star Wolf to save her and the planet from impending chaos.
  4. The Nebula Hare: A mischievous and enigmatic creature, the Nebula Hare is a shapeshifter, capable of blending seamlessly into the cosmic landscape. Possessing vast knowledge of the universe, the Hare becomes an unlikely ally to Astral Red and Star Wolf, guiding them through the perils of the woods and offering cryptic advice that helps them unravel the mystery of the neurolink anomaly.
  5. The Cosmic Serpent: A formidable and cunning adversary, the Cosmic Serpent is the guardian of the dark secrets of the universe. It thrives on chaos, seeking to unravel the delicate balance of the cosmos. With the power to control and manipulate the neurolink, the Serpent becomes the main antagonist, challenging Astral Red, Star Wolf, and their allies as they race to restore order to their world.
  6. The Star Siblings: A group of Astral Red's childhood friends and fellow adventurers, the Star Siblings consist of Solaria, Lunara, and Asterius. Each possesses unique abilities and talents, derived from their connection to the celestial bodies they are named after. Joining Astral Red and Star Wolf in their quest, they provide essential support, as well as moments of levity and camaraderie in the face of adversity.

Me: Based on the above, write a 12 chapter outline with a synopsis for each chapter, describing the main plot points, objectives, and resolutions.

ChatGPT: Outline

Chapter 1: A Cosmic Calling Astral Red receives a cryptic message from her grandmother, Grandmother Celestia, about a malfunction in her neurolink. Astral Red gathers her basket filled with rare fruits and healing potions and sets off on her journey through the enigmatic woods to help her grandmother.

Chapter 2: The Star Wolf's Encounter As Astral Red ventures into the woods, she meets the enigmatic and handsome space explorer, Star Wolf. After a cautious introduction, they form an alliance as they realize they share a common goal in solving the neurolink mystery.

Chapter 3: The Nebula Hare's Riddles Astral Red and Star Wolf encounter the elusive Nebula Hare, who shares cryptic riddles and warnings about the dangers that lie ahead. Intrigued, the duo decides to follow the Hare's advice, despite its mysterious nature.

Chapter 4: The Star Siblings Join Astral Red's childhood friends, the Star Siblings, join the quest after learning about the neurolink anomaly. Each sibling's unique abilities and talents become invaluable assets to the group as they delve deeper into the woods.

Chapter 5: The Cosmic Serpent's Gambit The group encounters the Cosmic Serpent, the story's cunning antagonist. The Serpent reveals its intention to exploit the neurolink anomaly to create chaos and threatens the safety of Astral Red, her grandmother, and the entire planet.

Chapter 6: Unraveling the Riddles Astral Red, Star Wolf, and their allies use their collective knowledge and the Nebula Hare's riddles to uncover clues about the neurolink anomaly's origins. The group learns about a hidden artifact with the potential to restore balance to the neurolinks.

Chapter 7: A Race Against Time As the neurolink anomaly worsens, the group must work quickly to locate the artifact. They face numerous challenges and obstacles, testing their resilience and determination as they race against time to save their world.

Chapter 8: The Labyrinth of Stars The group discovers the artifact's location within a cosmic labyrinth guarded by the Cosmic Serpent. They must navigate through the labyrinth, solving celestial puzzles and overcoming various trials to reach the artifact.

Chapter 9: A Desperate Battle Upon reaching the artifact, the group faces the Cosmic Serpent in a climactic battle. The Serpent's powers challenge the group's strength and unity, forcing them to rely on their wits and teamwork to defeat their foe.

Chapter 10: Restoring Balance With the Cosmic Serpent defeated, Astral Red and Star Wolf use the artifact to restore balance to the neurolinks. As they do so, Star Wolf reveals his own affliction with the neurolink anomaly and his gratitude for Astral Red's help.

Chapter 11: A Tearful Reunion Astral Red finally reaches her grandmother's dwelling and uses the artifact's power to repair her neurolink. A tearful reunion ensues, with Grandmother Celestia expressing her pride in Astral Red's courage and resourcefulness.

Chapter 12: A New Beginning With the neurolink anomaly resolved, the group returns to their homes, their bonds strengthened by their shared adventure. Astral Red and Star Wolf acknowledge their blossoming connection, as they promise to explore the cosmos together, unlocking new mysteries and adventures.

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That's where I'm going to leave it for now. It's not brilliant, but it's not awful either. You could certainly use that as the starting point for your own novel, should you be so inclined. If nothing else, it's a great way to beat writer's block and unlock some ideas. It's also a lot of fun.

Oh, and I love how the Star Wolf becomes Red's roguish love interest.

Rather than leave hanging completely, let's give GPT-4 one last prompt and have it write the first chapter.

ChatGPT: Chapter 1: A Cosmic Calling

The swirling colors of the nebulae cast a mesmerizing glow on the vibrant flora and fauna of Fableara, a distant planet where the impossible intertwines with the ordinary. In a quaint dwelling at the edge of the enigmatic woods, a young girl named Astral Red, also known as Little Red Riding Hood, sits on the floor, her fingers weaving deftly through the shimmering fibers of her iconic crimson cloak.

As she hums a celestial melody, a sudden chime resonates in her mind, the unmistakable sound of an incoming neurolink message. She closes her eyes, focusing on the telepathic signal emanating from her grandmother, Grandmother Celestia. The message, however, is garbled and fragmented, its meaning obscured by static and discordant noise. A sense of urgency tinges the edges of the transmission, and Astral Red's heart quickens.

Something is amiss.

With determination setting her jaw, Astral Red gathers her basket, carefully selecting a variety of rare fruits and healing potions known for their restorative properties. As she steps out into the dazzling sunlight, the gentle whispers of the cosmic winds guide her towards her grandmother's dwelling, nestled within the heart of an ancient crater.

The enigmatic woods loom ahead, their shadows dancing with the secrets and mysteries hidden within. Undaunted, Astral Red takes a deep breath, the crisp air filling her lungs with the fragrances of otherworldly flowers and the scent of adventure. With each step, she ventures further into the unknown, her courage and compassion shining like a beacon in the darkness.

As she traverses the labyrinthine pathways, Astral Red encounters a myriad of curious creatures. The Nebula Hare, with its ever-shifting form, darts through the underbrush, its ethereal eyes twinkling with mischief. Celestial birds with iridescent feathers flit amongst the treetops, their songs weaving harmonies that resonate with the very fabric of the universe.

Despite the enchanting beauty surrounding her, Astral Red remains focused on her quest, her thoughts consumed by the plight of her grandmother. The malfunctioning neurolink is an anomaly in their world, and the implications of its failure are as vast and troubling as the cosmos itself.

Unbeknownst to Astral Red, her journey is about to take an unexpected turn. The enigmatic Star Wolf, a space explorer with a roguish charm and mastery of the universe's secrets, watches her from a distance, his eyes glittering like constellations in the night sky. As their paths converge, their fates intertwine, and together, they embark on a cosmic odyssey that will forever change the course of their lives and the destiny of their world.

The first chapter of their tale has begun, and the echoes of their adventures will reverberate across the cosmos, a testament to the power of courage, love, and the indomitable spirit of the stars.