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And this site is just, you like, uh, my opinion, so consider yourself duly warned. Just a Free Thinker at Large is an independent publication launched in February 2023 by Marcel Gagné. I write, and create videos, about whatever happens to interest me from one moment to the next. I'm a technology and science geek, and very much a techno-optimist. I'm a published author with several books on Linux and other Free and Open Source Sofware (aka FOSS), including more than a thousand articles onlilne and in various magazines like Linux Journal, Ubuntu User Magazine, Linux Magazine, and others. I'm also a science fiction and fantasy author, a past editor (and Editor in Chief), a former top 40 DJ, and a pilot. I've been on television and radio. I've been a public speaker and given a few keynote addresses. I'm a gamer, game developer, and podcaster. I'm also opinionated as hell. You should have a good time here.

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So, no, this isn't a site about "The Big Lebowski," but in the spirit of the above clip, let it be known that I am a fully ordained Dudeist Priest.  :-)

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