Genius In. Genius Out. (Episode 032 of the TIC TEK TOE podcast)

Genius In. Genius Out. (Episode 032 of the TIC TEK TOE podcast)
"Genius in. Genius out." Created by Marcel Gagné using Stable Diffusion

Amazingly, it has just occurred to me that I should probably post podcast episodes here as well, so I'll start today. I do a semi-regular podcast with Evan Leibovitch; semi-regular because the schedule should be less thought of as a schedule and more of a 'whenever it happens' kind of thing. The podcast is called TIC TEK TOE and you can find it wherever fine podcasts are found including Spotify, Apple Podcasts... you know, the usual.

For the last couple of episodes, I decided to record the podcast using an online tool called and this is what you see below. The editing was done outside of the platform, even though it can do editing as well, mostly because I'm more familiar with my usual video editing toolkit. :-)

And so, this is episode 032 of the podcast. Today, the boys are talking about why the whole FOSS world has become so boring, and why there may be a solution to that boredom, and a renewal of that old open-source excitement, courtesy of AI.

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